It’s not about the price. It’s about the value.

Written by: Andrew Leighton, Owner

I remember my first sales call in the automatic gate business.  I was sitting in an office across the walkway from another salesman.  He hands me a lead sheet and wants me to make a sales call. Very nervously, I pick up the phone and dial the number.  I introduce myself, the company I worked for at the time, and we discussed what was needed for his gate project.  Based on my training, I gave the guy a ball park price for what he asked for.  On the other end of the phone I hear something to the effect of “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”  “THERE’S NO WAY I’M PAYING THAT FOR A GATE MOTOR!”

Dumbfounded, we wrap up the phone call and part ways.  I turn to the seasoned salesman beside me and tell him how the conversation went, scared that I completely screwed up, only to hear his response saying “That’s great! What a perfect first call.”

He proceeds to explain the difference between people who are solely price conscience versus people who understand what value means.  So the lesson that I learned that day and something I take with me now to my potential client’s homes is the price is whatever the price is.  I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry and apply that to each project.  It’s important to focus on the value I can bring to each homeowners construction project and how that’s worth way more than any price tag out there.

Perspective can make or break the outcome of a project.

We are all different people with different points of view, tastes in appearances, expectations of outcome, and acceptance levels.  One man’s garbage is another man’s gold – right?  This certainly applies to my life on a daily basis in the automatic gate industry.  It’s very important to determine your client’s tastes, expectations, and acceptance from the starting point of a project.  At the end of day, the client is the one left with the gate at their house forever.  I feel it is my company’s responsibility to make sure they are happy with the outcome when we are finished.